Raoul Lemaire

Raul Lemaire’s acquaintance with Jean Boucher, a specialist on the subject of humus, led to the Lemaire-Boucher method of natural farming that became popular in France.

Raoul Lemaire, 1884-1972

Raoul Lemaire was already working in the wine and grain trade at age 14. In a few years he had become the largest wine and grain trader in the Somme, his native region of France.

In 1931 Lemaire founded the first business selling natural products in Paris. Bakers could obtain stone ground flour from Societe Lemaire and bake Pain Lemaire according to his company recipe. Today it is available in thousands of bakeries and foodstores.

Lemaire had been studying the problem of using fertilizers since 1924. He approved of natural fertilizers and later experimented with magnesium fertilizers. In 1959 he discovered the advantages of calcified seaweed which contains calcium carbonate and magnesium.