Hans Müller

Hans Muller & Maria Bigler pioneered an organic approach to agriculture with the German microbiologist, Hans Peter Rusch.

Hans Müller, 1891-1988

Hans and Maria both grew up in Switzerland on separate farms in the Emmental and married in 1914.

Hans studied to be a teacher in Hofwil near Berne. After working for a teacher for three years he began studying biology, gaining his doctorate in 1921.

With first hand experience of the difficulties farmers where facing during the industrial revolution and influenced by the charitable example of his mother, who had 7 children of her own and also raised an additional 14 orphans, Hans founded the Swiss Association for Abstinent Farmers and in 1926 initiated week long courses in adult education.

In 1946, the Mullers, together with like minded people, founded the Co-Operative for Cultivation and Utilization which still exists today as well as the journal Culture and Politics.

The Mullers worked closely with Hans Peter Rusch to develop a natural and sustainable approach to farming. A long friendship prevailed and all parties contributed to the field and also participated at the M?schberg. Hans Muller continued giving courses there for farmers until he died.