Elle MacPherson

Elle’s career began at 18 years of age when she decided to leave Sydney University after one year’s study in pre-law to sign up with the a modelling agency.

I eat organic because I care about the health of my family and the environment.

Elle MacPherson, 1963-

In 1994, she left the prestigious Ford Agency to create her own business, Elle MacPherson Inc. Partnering with New Zealand’s Bendon group she successfully created the Elle Macpherson Intimates range of lingerie.

Elle’s financial success has not effected her down to earth attitude and appreciation of life’s basic enjoyments.

Elle is a consumer of organic products and supports the Soil Association and the Organic Picnic.

Her views are expressed in the following statement:

“I feel happy that I can feed my family food that avoids unnecessary pesticides and harmful food additives. I’d encourage anyone who hasn’t yet tried organic food to give it a go. I’m sure that, like me, you’ll enjoy the taste and the quality. Organic farmers in this country deserve our support so that more of our countryside can be farmed organically.”