Jerome Irving Rodale
1898 - 1971

Having a lifelong interest in health and wellbeing and through his success as a publisher, J.I. Rodale's message popularised the organic movement in America.

During the depression, the Rodale family moved their manufacturing business from New York City to Pennsylvania. Here, the opportunity arose to establish the Rodale Press.

During World War II, the shortage of nitrogen exposed the nutrient poverty of the nation's soil. In 1940, J.I. Rodale and his wife Anna purchased a 60-acre farm.  The primary goal was to develop and demonstrate practical methods of rebuilding natural soil fertility.

By 1942, he published the magazine Organic Gardening. Thereafter, in 1950, Prevention was published to encourage people to avoid illness by being proactive and using preventative measures to lead a healthy life.

Jerome Irving Rodale

"If you ever wanted to know about a subject, start a magazine about it."


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