Lesotho: Farmers Overcome Child Malnutrition Through Organic Farming

Author: Makopano Letsatsi
World Vision . (Source)

Farmers in Nthabiseng have made a significant achievement in overcoming child malnutrition.

Through organic farming, farmers say have had their best yields with low cost agriculture inputs and have produced enough food to enable children to eat three full balanced meals a day.

Speaking on behalf of farmers during a farmers’ day held at Serutle village in Nthabiseng, farmer Matheko Lei said that with organic farming farmers now use indigenous seeds and kraal manure to improve soil fertility, instead of using expensive high breed seeds and chemical fertilisers that they could not afford.

“Best yields will enable the community to maintain their food security, where they will be able to provide good nutrition, win the war against malnutrition and prolong the lives of HIV infected people,” Lei said.

She appealed to those who were not practising organic farming to join them, and protect the health of their children through proper nutrition.

Speaking at the same occasion, Botha Bothe District Agriculture Officer Monica Hopkins commended the farmers: “The agricultural exhibits displayed today show that the national food security policy that the government advocates has been achieved by World Vision in Nthabiseng.”

Hopkins said she was encouraged to see that World Vision advocates for indigenous seeds and organic farming in order to reduce cost and ensure participation of the poor in food production in the country.

“Our aim is to empower farmers with necessary skills to be able to produce their own food even after the phase out of the NANAFS project,” said World Vision Food Security Manager Ratlala Montsi.

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