The Australian Fruit and Vegetable Garden

What's old is new.

Clive Blazey reveals the truth about heirloom vegetables. Heirlooms are not ‘ nostalgia in edible form’ but are simply the best varieties to grow in any vegetable garden, having a better flavour, longer harvest period and good disease resistance.

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Clive Blazey & Jane Varkulevicius

Featuring practical information and expert advice on cultivation, people who want to create their own totally edible garden are catered for, while backyard city gardeners are shown how to grow a year’s supply of vegetables in a ‘mini plot’ of just 42 square meters.

Four main sections cover all aspects of vegetable growing:

  • the best vegetables to grow for taste, ornamental value and self sufficiency;
  • the basics of cultivation;
  • a directory of growing vegetables;
  • seed saving.

Optimum yields are also provided in this informative book, accompanies by stunning colour photographs. numerous charts and a unique climatic map showing optimum regional growing sections throughout Australia.

The Digger’s Club has been operating for over 20 years and is now established as one of the most innovative seed suppliers in Australia. This book is the culmination of eight year’s work comparing the diversity of heirloom vegetables against hybrids which are more commonly available today.

Hybrid superiority myths are dispelled once and for all as Clive Blazey provides all the basic for successfully growing a wonderful range of heirloom vegetables yourself.