Organic Gardening In Australia

The complete guide to natural and chemical free gardening

This book has been adapted for Australian conditions from the HDRA’s Encyclopaedia of Organic Gardening.

Doring Kindersley 170333756

Pauline Pears

Organic Gardening in Australia is an essential reference, now in paperback, for all gardeners committed to a natural, safe and healthy approach. The book sets out organic guidelines, together with advice on where to begin, whether you’re a novice or experienced gardener.

As well as providing an excellent grounding in the basics of organic gardening, this practical guide covers everything from soil management and recycling to water conservation, natural pest control and propagation. From compost to cloches, there are step-by-step techniques and inspiring images to help you to create the perfect organic garden.

There is detailed coverage of a wide range of organic concerns, from information on sustainable landscaping materials, planting beds and learning about local wildlife, to helpful advice on which plants thrive in pots. You’ll find organic best-practice tips on how to grow delicious fruit and vegetables, how to encourage biodiversity in your garden, and even on designing the organic garden.