Natural Gardening in Australia

Creating a garden that looks after itself.

Jeffrey Hodges time-saving, minimal-energy techniques have made Natural Gardening in Australia a winner.

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Jeffrey Hodges

Using his tried-and-true methods even the busiest, least motivated gardeners can achieve a bountiful garden that works in harmony with Nature, not against it. His fully illustrated manual explains how you can:

  • harvest the suburbs, turning your garden into a self-sufficient source of vegetables, fruit and flowers
  • design a garden ecosystem that includes bird-attracting native shrubs and trees
  • start a garden using the no-dig and other amazingly easy methods
  • utilise techniques such as composting, mulching, crop rotation, companion planting and self-recycling gardening to maximise pleasure and results and minimise time and effort
  • grow great gardens without artificial fertilizers
  • and much more …

Jeffrey Hodges has comprehensively revised his bestselling book to meet the growing demand for fresh, safe food and flourishing gardens that replenish the earth’s resources – and our own lives.

Plus in this new edition there is:

  • a special emphasis on water conservation methods
  • an extensive guide to replacing toxic pesticides with natural ones.